Sunday, October 5, 2014

Say Goodbye EP and Remember EP

I can't believe I haven't written on this blog for almost 2 years!!! I used to use this as my "365 Project"...I might start that up again, when I get some time. But, I'm glad to know this is still up and running! :)
I have since recorded 2...TWO full-production EPs in Nashville!!! SO EXCITING!!! They're available on iTunes, but I know some people really like to have the physical CD, so I'm adding a PayPal button on here for you to be able to order it!! I'll even sign it with LOVE before I send it! ;) 

SAY GOODBYE - $10 (plus shipping)

REMEMBER (Christmas CD) - $7 (plus shipping)

Brittany Blaire EPs

Friday, November 9, 2012

A Work In Progress...

As many of you know, I moved to Nashville to pursue my music aspirations. I've been songwriting and performing like crazy, and I FINALLY created a CD. Now, mind you, it's a DEMO, some songs are fully produced, some songs are accoustic, but's a start. There are 6 songs on the CD, and if you want it, it's YOURS!!!.....for $6. :)
I truly am grateful for all of the experiences I've had out here in Nashville, and I am SO grateful for the love and support I continue to receive from all of you!!! THANK YOU!
Anyway, buy it, and I'll ship it to ya, ASAP. :)

Love you,
Birdy the Blaire

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 172

My birthday is in October...for those of you who don't pay attention. ;P I had a FANTASTIC birthday. It started out with my awesome Psychology class bringing me birthday cookie cakes and having a party in class that day. ..yeah...I'm a good teacher, I let them watch an episode of Psych....c'mon it's my BIRTHDAY, I'm ALLOWED!!
On my actual birthday Jim took me to brunch at one of our favorite restaurants, The Black Eyed Pea....DELICIOUS!! And then when we were driving back, he stopped off and surprised me at a pumpkin patch! I've ALWAYS wanted to go to a pumpkin patch and never had, so it was awesome that on my 30th birthday...I did that for the first time! :)
YAY! Jim's so thoughtful!

Then I had a show that night (and some of my awesome friends came), and Jim surprised me with some awesome red velvet and snickerdoodle cupcakes that we all ate after the show. Rad. Day. Indeed!
The cookie cake my student brought in. :) Mmmmm...

The pun'kin patch! Yay! :)

Day 171

So I FINALLY got my BRACES OFF!!!! YAY!! My orthodontist is in Knoxville, TN (about 2 1/2 hours away from Nashville) so I had to get my braces off and get my retainer all in one day. SO, I was able to take a sick day from work, since it's a Dr. appointment, and I went out to Knoxville the night before since my appointment was in the morning. My mom got me a room at this awesome bed and breakfast, Maple Hurst Inn (if you ever got to Knoxville, STAY THERE!) It was a fabulous, much needed, retreat...and a FANTASTIC way to celebrate me getting my braces off...for the second time in my life! :P

So here's a pic of the view from the deck of the room.
The Cumberland River.

And here's is where we had an amazing Steak lunch on the river at Calhoun's.
It's days like this that I almost kick myself for being a vegetarian for 10 years!
The view from our table.

Day 170

Bethpage, TN
So one time Jim's awesome neighbors, Jake and Viola, got married. They asked us to sing while guests were arriving. We sat just to the right of this amazing arch that Jake built, he's pretty amazing. Jim played guitar and we both sang...sitting on the top of this mountain was pretty cool. And then Jim smoothly transitioned into Canon in D from "Where Your Road Leads" just in time for Viola to walk down the aisle and meet her dude by the arch. ...awww...precious! :)
After they were officially a "Mr. and Mrs." we played more music until people made their way down the hill. Then we went and ate some AMAZING food!

...this was AFTER we played a show in the morning at Bost Harley Davidson in Nashville....and BEFORE we headed off for one of my dinner theater performances in Springfield. ....Crazy day of performing...but SUCH a fulfilling, beautiful day! :)
Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of your day, Jake and Vi. You guys are the best! :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 169

So a while back, Jim and I wanted to go on an adventure on our day off. So we just got in the truck and drove. We ended up in a small town called Red Boiling Springs, and drove across this teeny rickety bridge and found a random motorcycle museum! So, what the heck? We were feeling adventurous. We parked and went inside! It was SOOO much cooler than we thought it would be!

Here are pics of some of the coolest bikes we saw.

1942 WLA and 1944 Indian Army bike

This bike had a huge engine on it, I can't remember what the guy was telling us, but I remember how loud it was when he turned it on and revved it! I thought my ears were going to explode!!

Awe man!! A 1960 Harley Davidson Topper scooter! Yeah man!

This is the bike that started the whole collection. This is a 1936 El Knucklehead. The owner of the museum inherited this bike from his grandfather. Everything on it is original, nothing has been modified. ...Jim's obviously excited about hearing about it. :)

It was SUCH a fun day!! If you ever are bored or seeking some adventure...just get in the car and drive, no directions, no agenda, just drive, and you'll probably find something REALLY cool!!!

Day 168

So you know how you go to college, and you save papers and assignments that you've done, and scripts, and music that you think maybe you'll use for something? Well...that's what I did with all of my acting/directing and psychology classes. Turns out, I teach those things now, so alas, I wanted to dig through my files and see what I had to see what I could use for my own classes. SO I called my mom and she graciously went through my little filing cabinet and pulled out 13 files full of papers to send out to me. She also grabbed my big boots that I needed to wear for a play and sent those out too. My dad called me from the Post Office and told me he had to make the box and he was all stressed, and I felt terrible, but he finally got it all together and shipped off to me...for $19. I got my box about 4 days later, and much to my surprise, the only things in it were my boots and one empty file folder. I really shouldn't have been surprised as THIS is what the box looked like when I opened the door:

REALLY!?! Good work USPS!!!
Oh but don't you fret, they put this sticker on there, so that makes it all better!!!

So my papers are all lost, my music, my scripts, my projects.....whatever. I called the USPS and they said, "Oh, I can understand how that can be really frustrating, we'll look around for it and call you if we find anything." ...well they didn't. Ah well. I'm over it. But that day it felt like I lost my whole college education. ....maybe I was a little dramatic. Who, ME? ...NEVER!
USPS is lame! I wish I could say I'll never use them again, but that is pretty darn hard to avoid. :) I'll probably never send large packages through them, anyway.